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Chief Eisenhardt responds to increase in traffic tickets

As noted in Monday’s “Barrington police issuing traffic tickets at much higher rates” piece, I reached out to Barrington Police Chief Joe Eisenhardt on Thursday for a comment on the number of traffic summonses more than doubling between 2010 (208 tickets in February-March-April) and 2012 (422 tickets in February-March-April).

In the piece published Monday, I promised to post any response from borough officials prominently. On Monday evening, Chief Eisenhardt sent me the following in response to me inquiring whether there was any reason behind the increase (heightened enforcement? a decision to give fewer warnings and more tickets? something else?):

“There is no reason that I am aware of. Our officers do a great job everyday and traffic enforcement is just a part of what they do.”



3 comments on “Chief Eisenhardt responds to increase in traffic tickets

  1. JAM
    May 22, 2012

    We need the increase in speeding tickets. I get honked at and followed so closely by those who want to go 40 mph on Clements Bridge Road especially around 5 pm. I live near Trinity & Clements Bridge and most people are going way faster than 25 mph. I’m happy to see our police doing a great job of keeping our streets safer.

  2. Ernie Wadsworth
    May 22, 2012

    Chief Eisenhardt is a good fellow. My Auntie and Uncks were friends with his folks. Very nice people.

  3. M. Dinella
    May 23, 2012

    Actually, those numbers should not be alarming. While they have appeared to have doubled, they are still below the average that similiar size towns with similiar size police forces and similair crime rates routinely produce.

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