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Council to study redeveloping former Road House property

Barrington’s Planning Board will undertake a preliminary investigation into whether the former Road House Steakhouse and Saloon “qualifies as an area in need of redevelopment within the borough of Barrington,” according to a resolution passed this month by the borough council.

The Road House, site of a shooting in January, has been closed for several months. Its liquor license was purchased in April (“Liquor license for Barrington’s now-closed Road House to change hands“) by Delco Development LLC, which hopes to use it as part of a redevelopment effort along the White Horse Pike (“Liquor-license purchaser: ‘Looking forward to doing something great in Barrington’ “)

As part of the Planning Board’s determination, there will need to be a public hearing regarding the parcel to allow for objections.

If the determination is made that the land fits the description in state statute (“A redevelopment area may include lands, buildings, or improvements which of themselves are not detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare, but the inclusion of which is found necessary, with or without change in their condition, for the effective redevelopment of the area of which they are a part.”), it will be considered a “blighted area” for the purposes of the state Constitution.

At that time, the borough will be able to condemn the property and undertake redevelopment efforts.

3 comments on “Council to study redeveloping former Road House property

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  3. J.C. Sykes
    September 14, 2012

    I believe that in the hands of an ambitious developer and a progressive Mayor and City Council the former Road House tract could be developed into a mixed use property housing a Restaurant and multiple retailers. Then using those businesses in conjunction with the existing athletic fields and amphitheater they would be creating a functional Barrington City Center. I also believe that with the addition of lights to illuminate the athletic complex and amphitheater at night residents of Barrington and many other area communities could enjoy dining at an improved family friendly Restaurant while watching their children participate in countless athletic and live outdoor theater events.

    The existing Downtown Barrington model fails to offer a safe environment for families due to the heavy flow of traffic and countless vehicles that fail to adhere to designated speed limits. Also, the current width of the sidewalk prevents people from walking side by side or “social strolling”. And when you have an absence of foot traffic businesses tend to fail which is exactly what we have noticed with many businesses on CBR over the last few years. I often hear people say that the limited parking has a lot to do with the lack of customers visiting the businesses on CBR but I tend to disagree with them, I truly believe that the reasons I have stated above work against these businesses much more than the parkng issues ever will. If you really want to visit a business you will go out of your way to locate a parking spot.

    CBR is a County Road and because of that fact I find it hard to accept that we will ever have speed bumps, functional, safe crosswalks, or pedestrian friendly traffic enforcement to slow the traffic and create a safer “Main Street” atmosphere. Barrington needs to be more than a drive through town for commuters wanting to avoid traffic on 295, it needs to be a food, drink and retail destination spot for our current residents and the residents of our surrounding communities.

    As much as I would like to see a new Restaurant open in Barrington, I believe that the WHP location would do little for the Boro of Barrington as a whole, however, utilizing the DFAC and developing a new Restaurant and retail corridor on the existing Road House tract could attract many new retailers and create a thriving Barrington City Center. And many of the existing businesses on CBR would compliment that new City Center nicely.

    Recently, on numerous occasions, I have envisioned the residents of Barrington sitting at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the Deere Field Athletic Complex while our children play various sports underneath the lights, some of us are wandering through the different retail stores that have recently opened, ( I do not see any Payless Shoes, Fashion Bug’s or Dots) and others are walking and running around the path that circles the DFAC, it is a vision that I am quite fond of and I truly hope that one day it becomes a reality.

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