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BULLETIN: About the author / school board candidacy


I, Mark Correa, was sworn in to the Barrington Board of Education on Jan. 6, 2013. As noted previously, I plan to continue to publish the Barrington Bulletin. It is important, however, to be absolutely clear that I do not speak for the school board in any way. The thoughts, views and opinions contained within the posts on this site are mine and mine alone. And the comments after any given posts are the thoughts, views and opinions of their author.

If you have any concerns over my objectivity or with the content on this site, please leave a comment or email me.

Thank you.


ORIGINAL POST BELOW (From June 25, 2012)

When I started the Barrington Bulletin in mid-February, I did it because I was just ending about 15 years as a professional journalist, and I wanted to bring that background to my home while also becoming more involved in my community.

Today, I’d like to announce another step I have taken to increase my community involvement: I, Mark Correa of Chesterfield Road, am going to run for the Barrington Board of Education.


Holding a position as a public servant has been a lifelong dream for me. I’m fascinated by politics and desperately want to do everything I can to make the community an even better place. Furthermore, I consider this an opportunity to set an example for my son.

So why haven’t I done this earlier? It comes down to my career as a journalist. Journalists generally are told they cannot run for office because there is too much opportunity for a conflict of interest — or at least the appearance of a conflict.

Barrington Bulletin founder Mark Correa

Barrington Bulletin founder Mark Correa

I understand this objection, and I take it very seriously. That’s why I decided to make my announcement publicly.

I intend to continue covering the school board meetings for the time being in the same manner I did previously. I will report on the meeting agendas and outcomes, and I will do it factually. I will make every effort to avoid any conflict or bias in my coverage.

If anyone sees any slanting of my coverage, I ask you to please call me out on it publicly on this site.


Some of you may be wondering whether I decided to run for the school board because of the publicity around the resignation of Woodland School Principal Mort Argoe or as a response to the board’s actions in this situation.

– May 14: “Woodland principal’s future at stake; several ask for resignation of school board president ”
– May 16: “Principal Argoe resigns from Barrington School District, former mayor says
– May 22: “Special meeting agenda released: ‘Accept the resignation of Mr. Mort Argoe’ ”
– May 23: “Principal Argoe resignation accepted

I can assure you this is not true. I’ve been considering this run since my son entered kindergarten this year, and I have attended almost every school board meeting since September. If anything, the publicity related to Argoe’s resignation almost convinced me not to run because it made the Barrington Bulletin more widely known than I had expected, and made me uncomfortable regarding the potential for the appearance of some sort of conflict of interest.


At present, I do not know who the other school board candidates are.

My understanding is that three seats will be voted on this year, and those seats are currently held by Board President Andrew Wood, Board Vice President Michael Drumm and Barbara Quattrocchi, but I do not know if they intend to run again. Nor do I know if there are any other new candidates for the board, such as myself.

If anybody would like to make their candidacy public, I will be more than happy to provide space on the Barrington Bulletin to ensure they have equal access. Please feel free to email me at with details.


I’m a relative newcomer to Barrington, but I’ve called the borough home since I bought my Chesterfield Road home in 2004. My wife and I have one child, who loves rockets and space. He just wrapped up Little League and is looking forward to finishing kindergarten in a few more weeks.

My wife and I are both from Pennsylvania, originally. We met while attending Penn State University in the 1990s.

During my journalism career, I have been a copy editor / headline writer, a page designer, a news editor (overseeing creation of the print product on deadline every night), an editorial opinion writer, an editorial opinion editor (ran the Courier-Post Opinion page from 2003 to 2006), a website updater and a New Media Editor (running the entire website from 2007-2011).

I’m proud of my journalism career. It’s what I went to school for, and it’s what I hoped to do for the remainder of my life. Unfortunately, the journalism industry has been hit hard in recent years. The Gannett company, for whom I worked for virtually my entire journalism career, went from 50,000+ employees worldwide in 2004 to about 30,000 in 2010.

My position with the Courier-Post was likely a safe one, but I was no longer in love with the work that the company was doing. I decided to move on to something that offered more certainty and greater opportunity for advancement. I now run a medical publishing website for Slack Inc., a company of several hundred people in West Deptford. I find myself now in field of ocular surgery, which is something I never expected. But it does offer the opportunity for growth, which is invigorating.


In coming months, I’ll likely make very little mention of my candidacy, other than as a note to readers in school-related stories so I don’t appear to be hiding anything.

As the election gets closer (it’s in November this year for the first time; it will be at the same time as the presidential election), I hope other candidates will join me in using the Bulletin to let borough residents know more about their goals as potential school board members.

That’s all for now. I’ll be glad to answer your questions. And I encourage everyone to get out and vote, even if you’re not going to vote for me.

18 comments on “BULLETIN: About the author / school board candidacy

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  3. Maureen Bergeron
    June 14, 2012

    Good Luck Mark…well said!

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