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Big changes coming with new school year

The 2012-2013 school year will begin with a half day on Sept. 5 this year, and many students will quickly notice at least two significant changes in the district.

The one with the potential to have an impact on the most children are the nationwide changes coming to the school lunch program.

Among the changes children and parents will see, along with a 10-cent increase in price:

  • Fruits and vegetables must be put on the tray, rather than just being available as an option.
  • 1/2 cup of fruit and 3/4 cup of vegetables are required at minimum every day (see bottom of this article for more details on vegetables)
  • Lunches must be 550-650 calories for grades K-5 and 600-700 calories for grades 6-8.
  • At least 1 oz. of meat or meat alternative must be offered every day, but no more than 10 oz. may be offered each week.
  • At least 1 oz. of grains must be offered every day, but no more than 9 oz. may be offered each week for grades K-5 (no more than 10 oz. for grades 6-8).

While those changes will be felt in both Avon and Woodland schools, the other significant change will be more confined to older students: a new principal at Woodland.

No principal has been named, but the district posted the job opening in June and sought resumes before July 11. Renee Gonnella-Kenelia, the district’s director of Special Education, served as interim principal at Woodland since late May after former Principal Mort Argoe resigned.

The board has called a special action meeting for Thursday. No agenda has been released as of Tuesday morning.

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