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Construction on White Horse Pike project unlikely to get started before 2013

A number of regulatory hurdles remain to be cleared before a Super Wawa and 10,000-square-foot restaurant with a liquor license can be built along the White Horse Pike in Barrington, said Kirk A. Popiolek, the council president, director of Community Development and director of Administration & Finance for the borough.

Councilman Kirk Popiolek

Councilman Kirk Popiolek

The vital first step — agreeing to project terms with a trusted redeveloper — was finalized at the last council meeting. Next, the borough will work with the redeveloper of record, Delco Development LLC, to obtain necessary approval from the state Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection, Popiolek said.

The borough already has spent about four years working with the DOT to install a traffic signal to eliminate the jughandle at Bell Avenue, which Wawa would require, Popiolek said. The councilman said approval for the move could come by the end of this year.

Once the DOT and DEP approvals are in place, Delco Development will move to secure financing and construction can begin, Popiolek said.

“For now, our focus is to continue to obtain approvals from DOT which will then serve as a catalyst in finding an attractive tenant for the restaurant,” he said. “This project is a benefit to the region on several levels in that we cleared away several blighted properties, including an undesirable motel, while enhancing our parts of the WHP (and) adding much needed commerce which, in the end, will net a nice ratable for the town.”

Popiolek said he did not know which restaurants Delco Development is working with at this time, but “whatever restaurant chooses to locate at the site, it will be something very nice and unique to the WHP area.”

Location of the White Horse Pike project near Bell Avenue in Barrington (image via Google Maps)


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4 comments on “Construction on White Horse Pike project unlikely to get started before 2013

  1. G Gallen
    August 14, 2012

    Wasn’t bokbok (Burger King) in Lawnside? Wouldn’t that rateable benefit them and not Barrington?

    They will need to do a whole lot of changes to the traffic lights, and most likely put in a barrier on the white horse pike to stop people from making lefts into and out of.

    That area is bad enough at rush hour. While I’ll glad to see something being used in that location, anything at this point. I just think without the traffic changes of lights or barriers, we are going to see an increase in accidents.

    • Kirk Popiolek
      August 14, 2012

      The Barrington border ends past the Car Wash. This project has nothing to do with Lawnside. Your traffic concerns are exactly why the NJDOT takes several years to approve an application. The fact is the current jug handle is very dangerous and under utilized due to its difficulty in use. Without a traffic signal, the site is virtually worthless which is more or less why everything else has failed. We need to work together as a community and stop all of the nay saying!

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