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County predicts hefty savings from new police force plan


A new regional police force that would replace the Camden Police Department will cost from $5.0 million to $6.5 million to launch but save $14 million annually, officials said Thursday, detailing for the first time financial aspects of the controversial plan.

Joe Cordero, a former East Orange, N.J., police director hired by Camden County as a consultant on the project, said the start-up costs include money for new cars, likely Dodge Chargers; new uniforms; professional services to screen applicants; and recruitment materials.

No officer “will make less in terms of base pay than they are making now,” said Cordero, principal of the Cordero Group. His Lyndhurst, N.J., law-enforcement consulting and police-technology firm will be paid about $20,000 a month for about a year to help build the force.

Suburban towns have resisted joining the force. It is staunchly opposed by Camden police unions, which characterize it as a union-busting move that will not make the city safer or save money.

Read the full report here.

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This entry was posted on September 5, 2012 by in Business / Money, Crime, Safety.
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