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No excuse not to vote

Now that the Democratic and Republican national conventions are over, it’s time to make  sure you can vote for the candidate of your choice come Nov.  6 — or you can vote much earlier, if you want.

The deadline for voter registration in New Jersey is Oct. 16. But you can also print this form, fill it out and mail it in today if you are not already registered.

In New Jersey, voters also have the right to cast their ballot ahead by mail ahead of time for any reason. Many think of an absentee ballot as something to be used only if you are away on Election Day, but that is not the case.

According to the N.J. Department of State: “In New Jersey, any voter can now vote by mail in any election. You do not need a reason to Vote by Mail. Don’t feel like going to the polls? Simply vote by mail.”

In order to do so, print this form and mail it to:

PO BOX 150
CAMDEN NJ 08101-0150

It does appear you would need to send in individual requests for a general ballot, a municipal ballot and a school board ballot. Then all you need to do is cast your votes and mail it in — no waiting in lines on Election Day.

If you have any election-related questions, please visit the state Division of Elections site.

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