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At $9.99 per gallon, you might want to skip getting gas at the Lawnside Lukoil (at least for today)

A protest by Lukoil gas stations in New Jersey — including the one in neighboring Lawnside — is attracting national attention.

NBC News reports:

“Durango Weeks of Lawnside, N.J., didn’t think there was anything unusual this afternoon when he pulled into a Lukoil station outside Philadelphia until he took a look at the price, which stunned him. It was $9.99 a gallon.

” ‘My (fuel) light was on,’ he said, adding that had he noticed the price he would have filled up elsewhere.

“Weeks had stumbled on an unusual protest by more than 50 Lukoil franchise owners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who more than doubled their prices to protest what they consider to be the unfair practices of the Russian-owned oil company.”

Read the whole story here.

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