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Egg-toss attempt again next year?

The Barrington World Record Attempt egg-toss fell short of the Guinness Book, organizer Michael Drumm said, but there’s a chance there might be another shot at the record next year.

“I thought the egg toss would be one and done, but I had people come up to me asking about next year, so stay tuned,” Drumm said via e-mail.

The final count for the post-Harvest Festival even Saturday was 670 participants,  short of he egg-toss record of 1,162 participants. Despite the numbers, however, Drumm called the event a success.

“The community came together to support this event and had fun: That is what makes Barrington so great,” he said. “My favorite part of the event was once it began. It was a lot of work leading to that moment.  Watching all the participants throwing the eggs to each other was great to see.”

Drumm also wanted to thank everyone involved in the event, writing:

“The egg toss would not have happened without the help of some great people, this was truly a team effort. Beth Cavallaro, Caryl Hayden, Jen Shell, Jen Wells, Lisa Nichols, J.C. Sykes and Sam Dutkin were the main group of people that were there all along the way.  All of the volunteers that assisted us for the event are owed a big thank you. Of course, I want to thank the mayor and council, as they supported the idea and some of them participated in the event.  The committee appreciate all the participants for coming and trying their best to break the record.”

Drumm also offered thanks for the contributions of Bob Moules (pictures) and Leo McMichael (video).


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