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Bulletin: From the author

As many of you know, the Barrington Bulletin is the work of Barrington resident Mark Correa. And, as some of you know, I am running for a position on the Barrington school board in November.

Barrington Bulletin founder Mark Correa

Barrington Bulletin founder Mark Correa

As stated in the June post, I intend to continue writing the Bulletin if I am elected to the school board. My goal will be to inform residents about public actions taken at board meetings.

Regarding that, I just wanted to pass along that I took part in a N.J. School Boards Association informational session for candidates last night. After the session, I contacted the training director, Ray Pinney, who confirmed my intentions should not be a problem provided I make it clear the blog is entirely my work and does not represent the board of education in any way.

So I’m taking this opportunity to do so: The views expressed in Barrington Bulletin are entirely those of Mark Correa. The only exception is the comments on the blog, which are entirely the opinion of the individual making the comment.

Lastly, because I have stated that I do not want to make the Bulletin a campaign vehicle, I want to at least make note of the other candidates running for the school board.

For the first time, the election will take place at the same time and place as the general (presidential) election, so please make sure to cast your ballot in all the races. There are three school board posts available and four candidates. They are (in the order I’m told they will appear on the ballot):

  • Sherry Chin-Glaser
  • Mark Correa
  • Michael P. Drumm
  • James A. Cavallaro, Jr.

If any candidates would care to use the Bulletin to let potential voters know about their goals for the position, please feel free to comment on this post.


Now, on an unrelated note, I wanted to pass along that the Bulletin has passed 200 posts and topped 22,000 page views — along with untold numbers of additional posts and views on our Facebook page.

Thank you to all of the people of Barrington (and surrounding communities … and from a total of 29 countries including Mongolia, Belize and Turkey for some reason) you have helped make this experiment of mine a success.

I’m looking forward to hundreds more posts and thousands more page views in the future.

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