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Track of severe storm remains uncertain

While the likelihood that the remnants of Hurricane Sandy slam into South Jersey continues to increase, the National Weather Service notes that the warnings of heavy rainfall, high winds and flooding “ultimately depend on the eventual track and evolution of the storm.”

Model of where storm may hit

According to the most recent severe weather briefing from the weather service, however, the odds of the storm hitting South Jersey increased over the past 24 hours, just as they had increased in the previous 24 hours. Furthermore, the risk that the storm will retain its tropical characteristics of heavy rain and wind also increased during that time period.

There is significant risk of flash flooding and major river flooding, the weather service says, along with the possibility of record river flooding.

Major coastal flooding also is likely. And, “If the center of the storm makes landfall along the New Jersey or Delaware coast, record  coastal flooding is possible.,” according to the warning.

Some additional details from the weather service:

Things to focus on about this storm 

  • A very large region will be affected by very strong winds.
  • Reflecting its tropical beginnings, very heavy rainfall will occur with the storm.
  • The storm will be slow moving.  This worsens the impact for coastal flooding as it will affect multiple high tide cycles.  This worsens the potential for heavy rainfall inland and increases the risk of major river flooding.
  • The area affected will be determined by the track of the storm.  There is still some uncertainty about the track of the storm. However, the threat to our region has once again increased over the past 24 hours.  The potential for the core of the storm to have extremely strong winds and torrential rainfall has also increased.

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