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Media update: Courier-Post installs paywall, raises subscription rates

“South Jersey’s Newspaper,” the Courier-Post, has quietly instituted a paywall on its site while simultaneously raising subscription rates.

The cost to view content online is $120 per year, although users are able to view several articles for free each month before running into the paywall. The cost for a seven-day-per-week subscription has increased from $200.88 per year to $252 per year.

An online subscription is automatically rolled into the print subscription under the new paywall plan. There is no print-only option.

The Courier is one of the last Gannett newspapers to institute the paywall this year. At most other Gannett sites, the change was announced with a column from the publisher or other top manager at the site.

At the Courier, however, no column appears in the archives, and Managing Editor Leon Tucker and interim Publisher Ellen Leifeld have not responded to repeated requests for more information. (A column from the Courier’s sister paper, the Vineland Daily Journal, is posted on the Courier site.)

Disclaimer: I, Mark Correa, the individual who runs the Barrington Bulletin, ran the Courier-Post website as the New Media Editor for much of 2006-2011.

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