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State testing shows Haddon Heights High School scoring below average in math

New Jersey’s 2012 High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) testing shows Haddon Heights High School students passing the language/reading tests at a higher rate than the state average, but dropping behind the state average in math.

Haddon Heights High School

Haddon Heights High School

Only about one in 20 students at Haddon Heights High School failed to score proficient or advanced proficient in language/reading, according to the test. About one in five students statewide failed to achieve that level.

In math, however,  Haddon Heights High School students fell below the state average in proficiency (69.7 percent of students in New Jersey vs. 60.9 percent at Heights) and was almost even in advanced proficiency (21.8 percent statewide vs. 21.9 percent at Heights).

As a result, 17.2 percent of Heights students did not pass the math portion of the test, compared with 8.5 percent of students statewide.

HSPA (state average in parentheses after school results)

District Haddon Heights
County Camden
School Haddon Heights H.S.
Language/Reading Partially Proficient % 5.9 (20.7)
Language/Reading Proficient % 78.1 (51.8)
Language/Reading Advanced Proficient % 16 (27.5)
Math Partially Proficient %  17.2 (8.5)
Math Proficient %  60.9 (69.7)
Math Advanced Proficient %  21.9 (21.8)

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