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Barrington 2013: What would you like to see?

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions — but on a grander scale. Instead of what you’d like to do to improve yourself this year, how about sharing what you would like to see done differently in Barrington and nearby to make life better for everyone in 2013.

cropped-429276_311652365548473_311643612216015_870828_893847790_n.jpgJust post your ideas in the comments section below. Should the borough make it a priority to bring the King of the Wings portion back to the Harvest Festival? Should it work to make the egg toss an annual event?

Should borough officials make bringing a restaurant to the former Barrington Motel site its top priority?

Is there a corner that really needs a stop sign? Is there an educational focus the schools should divert more resources toward?

Here’s your spot to share your thoughts on what needs to be done to make our community even more special.

(Bonus points: Why not make your resolution for the borough also a resolution for yourself? If you want the King of the Wings back, for example, why not also resolve to volunteer for the Harvest Festival planning committee to make it happen?)

Just comment below to share your ideas.

3 comments on “Barrington 2013: What would you like to see?

  1. Anon
    December 30, 2012

    I would like to see the residents in the Hidden Ponds development taken care of. There is a pumping station that needs to be taken care of and the financial burden is currently falling on these residents. The taxes these residents pay are extremely high on top of the added financial burden they must now take on.

  2. Elizabeth Abuschinow
    February 22, 2013

    I feel that the Stoneybrook section is overlooked and would like to see the streets resurfaced. There are some areas that teven on dry days the curb is full of water because of a broker street and no drainage (esp Beaver and Barr Drive).

  3. Elizabeth Abuschinow
    February 22, 2013

    I believe the planning board needs to revamp the way they post variances in the neighborhood. Many neighbors not having the experience overlook when a variance notice comes in the mail, and when too late, realize the obstruction another neighbor is planning and then it is too late. Based on my experience, sometimes one meeting is not enough. Especially iwhen the person seeking the variance has major plan changes that was not evident on the first notice. Also, the posting of these variance announcements being placed in out of town papers where youi are not aware of it.

    Our taxes are high enough that the planning board needs to be considerate of everyone, not just the person with the building interest and the all the ones affected.

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