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Students of the month, teacher substitutes, lighting upgrades on school board agenda tonight

The Barrington Board of Education will consider a plan to significantly upgrade lighting at Avon and Woodland schools through a program that will result in an immediate cost savings, according to the board’s agenda.

Avon SchoolThe board also will have the opportunity to approve two long-term substitute teachers to temporarily replace teachers on leaves of absences and will honor the Woodland School students of the month.


The lighting program takes advantage of the PSE&G Direct Install program to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting at Avon and Woodland schools.

PSE&G would pick up about 80 percent of the installation costs, and the district would have 24 months to pay off the remaining 20 percent with no interest charges.

Due to the increased efficiency, however, the immediate monthly savings of $1,103 would more than pay for the monthly charge of $709. The net savings of $4,728 in each of the first two years would increase to $13,236 per year once the installation costs are paid off.


The board also will have the opportunity to approve Mary Spaeth as a long-term substitute for 5th-grade teacher Taryn Ferrante through March 28 and Desiree Baird as a long-term substitute for 1st-grade teacher Melissa Avery, who resigned.

Avon School’s Heather Worthington also intends to use sick days, unpaid days and intermittent Family Leave of Absence days through the end of the school year.

Students of the month

Woodland School Principal David Zucker will take time at the beginning of the meeting to honor top students for January:

  • 5th Grade: Julia Mora-Coffey, Nora Anderson, Rachel Prutzman
  • 6th Grade: Anna Bailey, Jared Bolling
  • 7th Grade: Hannah Duganitz, Abigail Layden
  • 8th Grade: Michaela Campbell, Jake Barr


The author of the Barrington Bulletin, Mark Correa, is also a member of the Barrington School District Board of Education as of Jan. 6, 2013. Please be aware that I do not speak for the board in any way. The thoughts, views and opinions contained within the posts on this site are mine and mine alone. And the comments after any given posts are the thoughts, views and opinions of the author of the comment.

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