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Woodland School teacher taped to a wall — for a good cause

Sixth-grade math teacher Rachel Seiden found herself a few feet taller than usual — and unable to move — Thursday at Woodland School.

Woodland School teacher Rachel Seiden -- taped to a wall.

Woodland School teacher Rachel Seiden — taped to a wall.

Students at the school were offered the chance to duct tape Seiden to a wall as the conclusion of the annual Pennies for Patients program, which raises funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and, in particular, for local children who have been diagnosed with the diseases.

For 50 cents, students could purchase an arm’s length of duct tape to stick it to Seiden.

In the first week of the three-week fundraiser, students were able to pay 50 cents to vote for a song to be played over the loudspeaker to the school. “Harlem Shake” won that contest, and each home room performed their version of the Harlem Shake.

2012-2013 School Year 084

In the second week, students could “Delay the Day” on Friday. The school’s math teachers were required to count all the money in each class’ box before starting class — the more money, the longer the delay.
“I was not even able to check homework,” Seiden said via e-mail. “Some of the students went to the bank and got $30 worth of pennies. They really got into it!”

Efforts in the first two weeks got the school more than halfway to the $2,000 goal.

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