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State report: Avon lags behind other schools in New Jersey

Avon School meets all state targets for academic achievement, but “this school’s academic performance lags in comparison to schools across the state,” according to the New Jersey School Performance Report issued by the state Department of Education this week.

Avon SchoolThe results suggest the school is successfully educated most pupils in math and language arts, but that the majority schools of schools across the state are outperforming the school.

Test results

In 2011-2012, 62 percent of Avon students scored proficient or better in the state Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) Language Arts test, which met the target set by the state. The percentage, however, puts Avon in the bottom third of schools in its peer group and near the bottom third of all schools statewide. Peer schools are defined as schools that have similar grade levels and students with similar demographic characteristics.

In 2011-2012, 84 percent of Avon students scored proficient or better in the NJ ASK math test, which again met targets set by the state. But more than half of schools in Avon’s peer group and of all schools statewide outperformed Avon in terms of the percentage of their students that scored proficient or better on the same tests.

Overall, Avon outperforms 39 percent of schools statewide, the report states. “Lagging performance” is defined as being between the 20th and 39.9th percentiles in that measurement.

Other results

Avon’s results were better in the “College and Career Readiness” category, which measures “the degree to which students are demonstrating behaviors that are indicative of future attendance and/or success in college and careers.”

According to the report, 8 percent of Avon’s students missed 15 days or more, and 6 percent of students are considered “chronically absent” for missing more than 18 days during the school year.

The result ranks Avon better than half of the schools in its peer group and better than 47 percent of all schools statewide.

In the student growth category, the school’s results were mixed. Avon outperformed 45 percent of schools in its peer group but only 15 percent of all schools in the measurement of the performance of students from one year to the next on the NJ ASK tests in language arts literacy and math when compared to students with a similar history of performance on NJ ASK.

Coming soon: A review of Woodland School’s performance, as reported by the state DOE.


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