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Barrington budget to hike taxes about $80 for owner of average home in borough

The 2013 budget approved by Barrington Borough Council this week calls for a tax increase that amounts to $79.50 for the year for the owner of a home assessed at the borough average of $220,000. The increase falls below the maximum allowable tax increase as dictated by the state.

Barrington Municipal BuildingCouncil President Kirk Popiolek explained during the regular council meeting certain dedicated costs continue to go up every year and council is taking every step to keep its expenditures down.

“This year, we’ve had numerous commercial tax appeals which brought the monetary value of the town down,” he said.

“There wasn’t any fat to trim,” Popiolek noted in explaining the tax increase.

The budget calls for $5.05 million to be raised through taxes along with $1.8 million in additional funds to be raised via miscellaneous means, delinquent taxes and surplus as part of the $6.86 million spending plan.

Among the largest line items in the budget:

  • $1.39 million for police salaries and wages
  • $1.29 million for health insurance
  • $846,594 for debt service
  • $411,119 for salaries and wages for road repair and maintenance crew
  • $262,082 for Police and Fireman’s Retirement System of N.J.
  • $225,843 for trash removal
  • $200,000 for the 2013 road program
  • $173,000 for Social Security System
  • $123,000 for street lighting
  • $104,230 for Public Employee’s Retirement System
  • $100,000 for Department of Public Works equipment

Borough council already is looking at restructuring measures it can undertake in the near future to help reduce further increases in 2014, Popiolek said.

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