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School board discusses greenhouse, scoreboard, math curriculum

The Barrington School District Board of Education this week sought further information before finalizing changes to Woodland School’s math curriculum and scoreboard while OKing a greenhouse at the school and honoring a top teacher and students of the month.

Woodland_School_3_no_dateThe board and Superintendent Anthony Arcodia set aside time at the beginning of the meeting to present a plaque to Avon School kindergarten teacher Maria Tregear, who recently was voted as “one of the best” teachers in South Jersey in the Courier-Post’s annual “Best of South Jersey” polls.

The board, along with Woodland School Principal David Zucker, also recognized May’s students of the month:

5th Grade: Alexander DiMatteo, Diamyn Green, Peyton Klopp
6th Grade: Madison Nichols , Chloe Ward
7th Grade: Jason Cavalieri, Kayla Stevens
8th Grade: Stephen Marty, Natalia Rommen


When it came to approving up to $19,000 for the purchase of new math textbooks for Grades 6-8, however, the board chose not to move forward.

Board members questioned whether moving to a curriculum that differs from what Haddon Heights School District uses might put Barrington students at a disadvantage when they begin to attend Haddon Heights High School in ninth grade.

Arcodia and Zucker vouched for the new system, noting it was more in line with statewide common core standards and was a more concrete way of teaching math, while the previous method was “too abstract.”

The board chose to delay its decision on the matter until the Curriculum Committee had the opportunity to learn more about the new textbooks and hear from teachers regarding their opinions on the change.


The board did OK funds for painting and refinishing the Woodland School gymnasium and placing a greenhouse at the school.

The board asked about options for the new scoreboard in the gym including where it could be placed to best serve the players and audience and whether two smaller board placed on each end of the court might better serve everyone than one larger board near the center. Arcodia said he would seek answers and options.

The board also heard details regarding the construction of the new greenhouse at Woodland School. The 8.5-foot x 16-foot structure will allow for new education opportunities for students and may grow vegetables that will be used in school lunches. It will be placed in the courtyard area behind the school.


The author of the Barrington Bulletin, Mark Correa, is also a member of the Barrington School District Board of Education as of Jan. 6, 2013. Please be aware that I do not speak for the board in any way. The thoughts, views and opinions contained within the posts on this site are mine and mine alone. And the comments after any given posts are the thoughts, views and opinions of the author of the comment.

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6 comments on “School board discusses greenhouse, scoreboard, math curriculum

  1. Frank
    June 12, 2013

    Oh good, so Barrington will continue to fall behind Heights in math scores. Yay?

  2. GG
    June 12, 2013

    Quite a few years ago, Barrington switched to the Everyday math system – starting with grade 1 and I believe up to grade 6 (maybe higher now) so it was consistant. If you switch now grade 6’s system of math, how will that affect grades 1 – 5 that have been taught everyday math? Will there be chaos in the 6th grade math similar to the year when everyday math was introduced and was the first year the teacher had taught that method? I really hope that if the district changes, they better prepare their math instructors before they unleash it on the students.

    • Barrington Bulletin
      June 12, 2013

      The board had similar questions.

      The goal is to get those questions answered by teachers (who have run both the middle-school Everyday Math equivalent and the pilot program using the proposed new system) before deciding whether to move forward.

      • GG
        June 12, 2013

        Which system is being proposed?

      • Barrington Bulletin
        June 12, 2013

        It’s a new system to replace the middle-school version of Everyday Math (which has been in use for a while, as you said). Superintendent Arcodia suggested the new system was closer to the core standards the state is requiring.

        I’m not certain of the name (I’m not on the Curriculum Committee). I’ll try to get it and get back to you.

        – Mark Correa (as always, just want to make clear I am NOT speaking for the school board)

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