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ShopRite opens to massive crowds

Thousands of residents from Barrington, Lawnside and surrounding communities welcomed a new ShopRite to the area Sunday leading to a jam-packed parking lot and checkout lines that wrapped through the store in the afternoon.

Customers file out of Lawnside ShopRite on opening day. Photo from

Customers file out of Lawnside ShopRite on opening day. Photo from

Take a look at some coverage of the return of a grocery story to the White Horse Pike plaza:

Lawnside has a supermarket again, and hope for jobs


Cornflakes. Tuna. Paper towels. Tea. A trip to the supermarket is rarely a thrill.

But try going 15 months without one nearby – especially if you don’t drive – and you’ll understand the excitement and crowds that greeted Sunday’s opening of the new ShopRite in Lawnside.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Audrey Gorman, 75, shouted over the din near the seafood counter, where cleaned squid was selling for $7.99 a pound. The variety of products across the 56,000-square-foot market was “amazing,” the Barrington resident exclaimed, but the aisles were so crowded she was having a hard time navigating in her motorized cart.

“So I’m mostly just browsing,” she said. “I’ll come back during the week.”

Lawnside celebrates opening of new Shop Rite


Hundreds of shoppers filled the aisles and made their way toward the cash registers Sunday morning at the grand opening of the borough’s new supermarket. Mayor Mary Ann Wardlow said the new 56,000-square-foot Zallie’s Shop Rite on the White Horse Pike, lined with historic photographs of the area, was a success for the community after a Pathmark in the same location closed last year.

“We needed a grocery store that was ours,” she said. Wardlow had attended the special ribbon cutting at 7:45 that morning and was doing some shopping of her own.

“I came and got my cart,” she said. “I’ve been waiting.”

Owner David Zallie, who operates two Shop Rite locations, said he saw an opportunity to meet the community’s demands after the Pathmark closed.

“It opened up an opportunity to fill that void,” Zallie said. “A community needs a supermarket. It was the right area for us.”

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