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Photos: School year begins for Barrington kids

Hundreds of Barrington children lined up for their first day of the 2013-2014 school year this morning at Avon and Woodland schools.

Avon opening day 2013“I was very pleased with our opening, in particular our new security /line-up procedures and the assigned student locations,” Superintendent Anthony Arcodia said via email.


The new procedure, which came as a surprise to some parents, involved keeping parents of second-. third- and fourth-graders behind the fence at Avon School. Parents of younger children were able to come on school grounds to walk their children to the doors of the gym before they, too, had to leave.

“This new procedure enabled us to accurately and systematically assist the students to their respective line while maintaining a heighten degree of security,”Arcodia said. ” In addition, the teachers were able to dedicate all of their attention to the students without having to engage in conversations with parents.”

Arcodia, who was awaiting a call back from Holcomb Bus Co. with regard to one bus being late to Avon, also noted the start of the day went well for the borough’s middle school.

“Woodland School also experienced a smooth opening,” he said.


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