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School board roundup: Mixed messages on school lunch, Woodland retirement, in-service report, bullying

Among the favorite foods on the menu at Barrington schools: Asian chicken, Domino’s pizza and chicken nuggets. Among the least favorite foods: Asian chicken, Domino’s pizza and chicken nuggets.

lunchDuring its regular monthly meeting this week, the Barrington School District Board of Education accepted the retirement of Woodland School’s secretary; discussed bullying concerns with parents of an Avon School student; and heard administration comments on the Nov. 5 in-service day and  the Nutri-Serve Youth Advisory Committee Report, among other actions.


Barrington School District Business Administrator Samuel Dutkin offered details of the Nutri-Serve Youth Advisory Committee Report, a yearly review of the school lunches by parents, administrators and students.

Dutkin noted a number of the favorite food items also showed up on the least-favorite list, but that the message wasn’t entirely mixed. The favorite list also included oven-baked chicken, while least favorites included “taco twins.”

The committee also offered a positive review of the Nutri-Serve staff in the lunchrooms and requested the addition to the menu of items such as pizza dippers and hamburgers without cheese.


The board Monday accepted the retirement of Woodland School secretary Maryanne O’Neill, effective June 30.


Superintendent Anthony Arcodia provided the board with a rundown of activities completed during the Nov. 5 teacher in-service day.

Arcodia said a good portion of the day was devoted to developing student growth objectives and targets for students. Teachers were able to develop “realistic and challenging” goals for their whole class as well as for subgroups within the class, Arcodia said, noting that the efforts helped keep the district ahead of state deadline for the project.

The in-service day also included a crisis prevention and intervention training program for teachers to help them how to deal with difficult students including methods that can be used to restrain students should the need ever arise.

Teachers also were given further training on recognizing and dealing with bullying and cyberbullying, along with the state’s anti-bulling bill of rights.


Two parents asked for help regarding a bullying situation regarding their child at Avon School during the meeting.

Arcodia noted that bullying incidents are down sharply at both schools in recent years, but that the problem still exists. He reminded the parents they have the right to request an investigation and that they should reach out to their child’s teacher as well directly to Arcodia.

Click for the district’s full Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying policy.

Click for state Department of Education information on HIB.



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