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New fire chief, police officer confirmed as part of borough annual reorganization meeting

Barrington Borough Council members Maureen Bergeron and Wayne E. Robenolt took the oath of office Sunday at borough hall after winning re-election to their seats in November’s election.

logo seal barrington boroughThe annual reorganization meeting also included political appointments, remarks from visiting officials, performances by the Barrington Band and the confirmation of Jose Rosado Jr. as a police officer in Barrington and David Ehrman as the borough’s new fire chief. Councilman Kirk Popiolek also was unanimously re-elected to his position as council president.

Among the guests at the event were Assemblymen Gilbert “Whip” Wilson and Angel Fuentes (who swore in Robenolt), Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. and Camden County Surrogate Pat Jones (who swore in Bergeron).

Borough Council Committee Appointments:

  • Administration and Finance Committee: Kirk Popiolek, Bergeron, Shawn Ludwig
  • Civic and Constituent Services / Parks and Recreation: Patti Nicholson, Bergeron, Robenolt
  • Community Development: Popiolek, Mayor Robert Klaus, Nicholson
  • Health/Welfare and Senior Services: Bergeron, Nicholson, Robert DelVecchio
  • Judicial: Robenolt, Ludwig, DelVecchio
  • Public Safety and Fire Alliance: Bergeron, Ludwig, Robenolt
  • Public Works/Buildings and Grounds/Sewer Utility: Ludwig, Popiolek, Robenolt
  • Zoning, Planning and Construction Office:  Klaus, Popiolek, Ludwig
  • Green Team: Robenolt, Klaus, DelVecchio

Individual Appointments:

  • Municipal clerk, municipal improvement search officer, personnel officer, deputy finance officer, purchasing agent: Terry Shannon
  • Tax/sewer rent collector, treasurer, tax search officer, deputy municipal improvement search officer: Kristy Emmett
  • Finance officer, deputy municipal clerk, deputy treasurer: Denise Moules
  • Deputy tax search officer, deputy tax collector, deputy sewer rent collector: Lorraine Tanski
  • Zoning administrator: George Jones
  • Fire chief: David Ehrman
  • Regional fire marshal: Steve DePierri
  • Regional fire inspectors: Frank Lafferty, Jim Burleigh, Ralph Jones, John Sutch, Ken Baus, Nicholas D’Alonzo, Ernie Busch
  • Ambulance chief: Barbara Willson
  • Court administrator: Karen Eckert
  • Deputy court administrators: Cynthia White, Theresa Barry
  • Recording monitor: Herb Quattrocchi
  • Municipal prosecutor: Daniel Long, Esq.
  • Public defender: Charles Wigginton, Esq.
  • Emergency management coordinator: Mike DePierri
  • Deputy emergency management coordinators: Dave Roberts, Steve Dipierri, Jack Kaiser
  • Superintendent of public works: Mike Ciocco
  • Environmental compliance / property maintenance officer: John Szczerbinksi
  • Recycling / clean communities coordinator: Mike Ciocco
  • Safety director: Mike DiPierri
  • Special police officer, class I: Kenneth W. Jackson
  • Licensed sewer collection operator: Mike Ciocco
  • Stormwater management coordinator: Mike Ciocco
  • Borough physician: Dr. Robert Stagliano
  • Coordinator of senior services: Eileen Holcombe
  • Teen center coordinator: Felicia Robenolt

Planning board members:

  • Class II member, term expiring Dec. 31: Steve DePierri
  • Class III member, term expiring Dec. 31: Shawn Ludwig
  • Class IV member, term expiring Dec. 31: Ernie Rink
  • Class IV member, term expiring Dec. 31, 2015: Barbara Govito
  • Class IV member, term expiring Dec. 31, 2016: David Bennett

Board of Health members (terms ending Dec. 31, 2016):

  • Pat Quackenbush, Leonard Keenan

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