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Is dress code too strict? Meeting Wednesday at Avon

The public is invited to Avon School tonight to discuss potential changes to the school district dress code. Those interested in attending the 6 p.m. meeting should call Superintendent Anthony Arcodia’s office at (856) 547-8467, ext. 118.

Anthony Arcodia

Superintendent Anthony Arcodia

The meeting comes as a response to parental questions about changes to the dress code that took place at the beginning of this school year. In response to parents’ questions, Arcodia waived the portion of the policy that includes detention  for violating the code and promised to convene a meeting of parents, teachers and administrators to come up with more acceptable guidelines.

Reproduced below is the code as printed in this year’s parent/student handbook:


The Barrington School District Board of Education, staff and administration desires to maintain high standards in every respect. We believe that the dress of a student has a marked effect of the student’s conduct. The Student Dress Code outlines the basic criteria for student dress to maintain a safe and orderly environment. In all cases of Dress Code violations, teachers will make phone calls home to discuss with parent the Dress Code violation of the student. Students will be asked to remove this type of clothing and alternate clothing will be provided. Parents may also be called to provide alternate clothing.

The student Dress Code shall be the same for all days of the school year.

No clothing that poses a health or safety hazard.

No clothing may be worn that contains offensive or inappropriate language, advertises or refers to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex or prejudicial attitudes; reflects gang related apparel; has double meaning or may be offensive to others within the school.

Students may not wear clothing that exposes undergarments or shows parts of any undergarments


Must be at least 2 inches below finger tip length at the shortest point of the bottom of the shorts or skirt.

Shorts and skirts must have finished hems at the bottom.

Not permitted: cut-offs, boxer shorts or skin tight shorts, biker shorts, Yoga Pants, or tights.

Boy’s pants or shorts will not be worn below the waistline with under garments visible.

Students failing to follow this rule will be given a warning on the first offence, a one hour detention on the second offense.


Shirts must be opaque, must have shoulder strap of at least 2 inches wide. Bare midriffs must not be exposed, shirts must overlap waistline by 2”.

Not permitted: see through or mesh tops, halter top, strapless tops, bare midriffs, tank tops, bare back tops, plunging necklines, exposed Bra Straps.


No head covering (hats, bandannas, sun glasses, etc) will be permitted in the building. Exceptions will be made for religious or medical reasons.


All footwear must provide protection for the student’s feet from injury; be slip resistant; fit securely to the foot; and laced footwear should be securely laced.

Not permitted: footwear with wheels or flip flops.

Below is a Bulletin poll on the dress code originally published in September:


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