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Barrington School District working to reschedule snow days

An unexpectedly snowy winter has resulted in five days in which schools had to be closed this school year, leaving Barrington district administration — as well as parents — scrambling to determine how make-up days will be scheduled.

At this month’s school board meeting, Superintendent Anthony Arcodia noted three make-up days were on the school calendar. At the time of the meeting, however, four snow days had been called. And a fifth was added Feb. 13, shortly after the board meeting.

snow plowUnder the school calendar, Avon and Woodland schools will make up three days by opening March 21 for a half-day and April 24 and 25, currently part of spring break. That leaves two additional days to schedule at this time.

Board members discussed possibilities including adding more days to the school year, further shortening spring break or simply eliminating the days. The days could be eliminated because the school year is 182 days in Barrington, while the state only requires 180 school days per year.

Arcodia said he wanted to discuss the options — and, at the time of the meeting with heavy snow in the forecast, he wanted to wait to see whether there would be a fifth (or sixth) snow day.

Further discussion is likely at the next school board meeting at 7:30 p.m. March 10 at Avon School.


— The following students were named Woodland School students of the month: Diana Acuna, Daniel Bennett, Eachel Prutzman, Stephanie Tonuci, Matt Miley, Regina Reiss, Hannah Duganitz and Michael Smith.

— The board approved a step toward potential in-depth maintenance work including drainage, roofing, siding and structural stabilization at Woodland School.

— Arcodia said efforts are under way to revise the dress code.

–Arcodia said new security plans for the district have been put into place after cooperation between the district and Barrington Police Department.

— Business Administrator Samuel Dutkin thanked the borough for its efforts in plowing the school parking lot.

— Dutkin informed the board it must schedule a date for a public hearing of the school budget proposal.


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