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School board OK’s 2014-15 calendar, finalizes changes to 2013-2014 calendar

The Barrington Board of Education this month shuffled days of through the rest of the current school year and agreed to a plan for the calendar for next year.

The 2013-2014 calendar required late modifications due to the higher-than-expected number of snow days. The schedule approved last year included options for up to three snow days, but the administration closed the district six times this school year.

snowflakeAs a result, the following changes were made:

— March 21, formerly a day off from school, has been changed to a half day of school.

— April 23, 24 and 25, formerly part of spring break, have been changed to full days of school.

— Two additional snow days will be cut from the calendar. Barrington students have a 182-day school year. Dropping these two additional days will cut the school year to the state-mandated 180 days.

The 2014-2015 school year will be as follows:

— Sept. 1: Labor Day, school closed.

— Sept. 2: Teacher orientation, school closed for students.

— Wednesday, Sept. 3: School opens; half day.

— Oct. 10: School closed.

— Oct. 24: Half day.

— Nov. 4: Election Day, school closed for students.

— Nov. 6-7: School closed.

— Nov. 26: Half day.

— Nov. 27-28: Thanksgiving break.

— Dec. 2-4: Parent conferences, half days for students.

— Dec. 23: Half day.

— Dec. 24-Jan. 2: School closed.

— Jan. 16: Half day.

— Jan. 19: MLK Day, school closed.

— Feb. 16: Presidents Day, school closed.

— March 19: Half day.

— March 20: School closed.

— April 3: School closed.

— April 6-10: Spring Break.

— May 1: Half day.

— May 25: Memorial Day, school closed.

— June 15-17: Half days.

— June 17: Last day for students.

— June 16: 8th-grade graduation.

Total days: 182 for students, 186 for staff.

If one day is missed due to weather, it will be made up by making March 20 into a half day.

If two days are missed, March 20 will remain a day off, but the final two days of Spring Break, April 9 and 10, will become full days.

If three days are missed, March 20 will be a half day, and April 9 and 10 will be full days.

We all hope it won’t get to that level or more, as it did this year.

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