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Board unanimously approves new Woodland principal

The Barrington Board of Education tonight voted unanimously to hire Michael Silvestri as the new principal of Woodland Middle School at a salary of $93,700 per year.

Woodland_School_3_no_dateSilvestri was one of about 20 candidates interviewed across a three-round process, District Superintendent Anthony Arcodia said during the meeting at Avon School. In the first round, administrators interviewed all the candidates. In the second round, four board members joined administrators to interview the top few candidates. And in the third round, six teachers helped choose Silvestri over one other finalist.

Silvestri will begin preparing to take over for former Principal David Zucker immediately, Arcodia said.

Before Silvestri gets started, though, Arcodia reminded him that Barrington is a small district in which leaders are expected to wear many hats.

“You might want to buy a new hat rack,” Arcodia suggested.

In other business, the board also discussed class sizes — and specifically noted that second grade will have more students than usual in Avon. With three sections and 71 second-grade students at present, it’s possible there will be two sections with 24 students and one with 23.

Options still are being discussed to best deal with the concerns.

The board also agreed to hire four new special education personnel and OK’d an increase of 5 cents to the cost of a full-price student lunch, which will now cost $2.70.

The next school board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 17 at Avon School.


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